It is quite possible that you already know that, to have as many students as possible, your intro video has to be amusing, exciting, interesting… or simply with one word: it has to be perfect.

The first impression is vital for tutors to be noticed. The tutor has to give his professionalism, with a friendly face and smile in an intro video that lasts up to one minute.

In the following several lines, please find some tips that can help you in making an outstanding introduction video.

Tips to make a perfect intro video

  • Always use clear and not so long sentences.

  • Use your creativity to draw a student’s attention

  • Make sure that the main focus is on the language you are teaching.

  • Include a quick but efficient demo lesson. Choose to represent some interesting facts about the language you are teaching so that you attract the student.

  • Smile in your video and be natural. Let the students see you as a bright person who loves to teach, and enjoys doing it.

  • Reassure students that learning a language is not so hard. For example, you can say something like ‘... even though many consider this language one of the hardest ones to learn, let’s together prove that it isn’t true.’

  • Invite students to ask a question if they have

Other tips to consider

  • Brief introduction

  • Mentioning experience

  • Good quality video

  • Good lighting

  • Using the subtitles

For technical information and details on how to record and upload your video introduction, please read the following article:

It may seem quite hard to achieve, but about one sentence to mention the tips mentioned above is more than enough.

Don’t forget to prepare yourself before uploading a video to your profile. Write down things you want to say, practice a couple of times, and even record several videos. You can see what can be changed, removed, or added. When you have your final video introduction, upload it, and wait to see more and more new students that choose you as their tutor.

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