It can happen that there will be some problems with lessons such as missing a lesson, being late, or leaving a lesson early.

No matter whether a tutor or a student causes the problems mentioned earlier, the Justlearn support team can’t automatically solve issues.

Please note that due to the above-mentioned issues, the tutor is responsible to solve them in his own way. Only in extreme cases, when the tutor and the student can’t solve the problem, the support team will resolve the dispute. To do so, the support team can be contacted via email on

If a student reports an issue to the support team, a tutor is obliged to give a detailed explanation, preferably with a screenshot, or other proof.

Additionally, technical problems may occur. For this type of problem, none of the parts can blame the other since it can’t be predicted.

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Justlearn uses Zoom software for audio and video lessons. In case you find some difficulties with the Zoom, find information in the following article:

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