This brief guide can help you from the moment you apply to teach to having more students and positive reviews.


Justlearn platform has high standards about all his tutors, the ones that already teach, as well as for those who wish to apply.

Apply to teach

If you want to apply to teach on the Justlearn platform, follow the instructions from the article:

Tutor’s profile

If your profile as a tutor suits Justlearn standards, a tutor needs to complete his profile by updating his info, uploading the video introduction, and setting an hourly rate for sets of lessons.

Follow the instructions on how to update a tutor’s profile from the following article:

Read the next article, if you aren’t familiar with the setting and recording a video introduction.

First lesson with a student

You can send personal messages to a student before starting a lesson. It can be quite helpful in cases when you have to determine the student’s level of proficiency.

Make sure you don’t get late for lessons. Always start a lesson at a scheduled time. Before the lesson begins, be well-prepared for it. In the following article, you may find some suggestions:

When a student books his first lesson, you may need some useful tips. You can find them in the next article:

For getting more students and more positive reviews, we suggest creating a lesson plan:

Lesson missed

If a student misses the lesson, accidentally or not, here is the article that can help you with this issue:

The importance of reviews

As a tutor, it is quite important that your students are satisfied with your teaching method and the way they learn the language from you. After every finished lesson students have the option to give positive or negative feedback for their tutors:

For positive reviews, see the next article:

In case you get a negative review, the article is available on the following link:


Working as an online tutor brings many uncertain situations. How to save yourself as a tutor, please read the following article:

Support team

For any question or doubt, you can always contact the Justlearn support team via e-mail

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