As you know, Justlearn is available to use on your mobile device by installing the mobile app.

For detailed instruction on how to install the mobile app, please read the following article:

If you have a problem with the app that you can’t open it or log in try the following solutions:

  • Restart your mobile device. Then try to open the app again.

  • Close all other apps except Justlearn. No other app is allowed to work in the background.

  • Check if your mobile device is charged.

If the app still isn’t working, try the following solutions:

  • Uninstall the app from your mobile device.

  • Your mobile device needs at least 1Gb free memory.

  • Make sure that your mobile device is charged.

  • Try to connect to wi-fi instead of ‘data mobile.’

  • Download the app and install it again.

  • After installing, restart your mobile device.

In cases where none of the above-mentioned solutions isn’t working, we highly recommend contacting the support team on You need to explain very clearly which problem you have with the app, and, if possible, send screenshots that show the issue.

The support team will respond in a timely manner within 24 hours.

Until the support team doesn’t solve the issue, use the platform from your desktop computer or laptop.

To avoid any technical or other issues with the mobile app, make sure your app is working at least ten minutes before the lesson starts, your camera is working, and your mobile device is fully charged.

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