Signing up to Justlearn is entirely free of charge.

Booking a lesson, after choosing a language and a suitable tutor, and having a class isn’t free.

The price depends on the following criteria:

  • Teacher’s experience

  • Teacher’s availability

  • The language he teaches

  • Teacher’s choice of the fee for sets of lessons

If you want to book a lesson and find more details for a set of lessons, please read the following article:

Why isn’t Justlearn free?

Justlearn is a tutoring platform that charges a fee for the following reasons:

  • Our language tutors are experts, professional teachers with teaching experience. They are also native speakers of the language they teach. Each teacher has to pass rigorous verification so as to prove his professionalism and experience.

  • Tutors use educational practice and quality control process to ensure that every class is efficient. Their teaching methods follow modern ways of teaching and learning a language.

  • As a learner, you are completely safe that all of your data are protected. We do not sell your data for third parties.

For more information, find in our Privacy Policy.

With a mission to connect language learners and native speakers, professional tutors, our primary goal is to provide high-quality service and outstanding results.

For more information on how to sign up to Justlearn, find in the following article:

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