There can be dozens of reasons if you have a problem logging into the platform.

In the following lines find some of the most common problems and try to solve them with our help:

Internet connection 

Problem: In many situations, people don’t see that their internet connection is broken, and you just keep trying logging in but without success.

Tip: Once you try to log in and is not successful, check your internet connection. If your internet connection is broken, contact your internet provider.

E-mail address

Problem: The platform doesn’t recognize your e-mail address.

Tip: Make sure that you’ve typed a correct e-mail address. Check several times. If you are 100% sure the address is correct, then contact our support team on and explain the problem with logging in.


Problem: The password you’ve entered isn’t correct, or you’ve forgotten your password.

Tip: Make sure you are typing the correct password- capital an small letters, numbers, etc. because if the password isn’t right, there is something you are not typing correctly. We recommend to set up a new password. The same tip would be for forgetting the password.

For more information on how to recover your password, please visit our Help Center, FAQ, and Troubleshooting section.


Problem: You've checked all the problems mentioned above but, for unknown reasons, you still can’t log in to the platform.

Tip: Contact the support team on and explain the problem you are dealing with when logging in to the platform. It is recommended to send a screenshot, too so that the support team can see if there is any message that indicates what error might be. The support team will reply as soon as possible promptly.



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