Although being a tutor is mainly safe work, unfortunately, there can be situations where tutor’s safety on platforms is questionable. Which safety precisely we talk about? 

We talk about the tutor's safety that concerns teaching, preparing lessons, and communicating with students.

In the following lines, you may find some tips that can help you to avoid any kind of dispute and keep you, as a tutor, safe:

  • Always communicate with a student according to the platform’s Terms and Policy. Don’t give any personal e-mail address, Skype, or phone number. Make every conversation goes via Zoom platform.

  • Be clear and polite. During lessons, always try to  be precise while communicating with a student. This way, you will avoid any future issues or disputes with a student.

  • Avoid talking about personal things. After all, you are a tutor here, and your approach, as much friendly and pleasant, on the other hand, has to be professional.

  • In case of disputes, misunderstandings, etc. be honest and clear about it. Some tutors have a misconception with a student. No matter the reason, always be legitimate and transparent. Contact the support team and give them all the information and details needed and ask for advice, of course.

If you need any kind of help, you can always contact the support team via e-mail or message on the platform. You will receive a reply as soon as possible, on time.

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