Understandably, every tutor finds very important his/her reputation. It is also essential that students get the knowledge they came to the platform for.

After every finished lesson, a student can give a review to a tutor. Reviews can be constructive, not only for other students but for tutors as well.

When talking about negative reviews, they are proof that something isn’t right, but that doesn’t just mean that a tutor is not right. Here are some of the examples what might go wrong with reviews:

  • If you think that a negative review student gave you is just some dispute or misunderstanding, you can try to contact the student and see what the problem was. 

  • A student isn’t satisfied with your method. If this is the reason for a bad review, we recommend to contact the student and try to find out what is the reason he/she isn’t satisfied. Try to find some other method so that he/she can learn better, faster. 

  • Due to technical issues, students used to give negative reviews. In this case, feel free to contact the support team and notify you about the reason for a negative review the student gave you. If you resolve it, both of you can contact the support team to remove or change the given review.

Our support team has an insight on every tutor’s review, so if any of the above- mentioned misunderstanding impact your reputation, you can request removing the review with all the details and reasons for it. The support team responds on time, mainly within 24 hours.

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