As for the lesson plans, every tutor has already a basic idea of how to create and modify them in case of need. This article can help you and remind you of some.

In the following lines, find some tips on how to create your lesson plans with a student:

  • It is important to make a lesson plan for beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

  • Use right resources and material and make sure your student gets all the content needed.

  • Be clear and specific while planning a lesson in a way so that a student can learn something applicable, whether it is e.g., grammar or vocabulary.

  • Outline the main topics you want to get during the lesson.

  • Timing is essential. When preparing your plan, ask yourself, is this the best time your students do the planned section? Or does he/she still has to master other details so that the part you are planning, can understand?

  • Balance your strategies in order to meet the needs of your students, to matter what level course they are at the moment.

  • Use multiple patterns so that your student from any point of view can successfully master the language.

With lesson plans and your vision of how to teach the language, as well as your friendly approach and pleasant communication, over time, you will only have more students, as well as already prepared lessons.

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