When comes to payment, the process is quite simple. After some time teaching on the platform, a tutor can request his/her payment for teaching services on the platform.

You can track your earnings on the platform. When you log in, on the top of the right corner, next to the 'Messages' button, you can see the 'Wallet' option.

By clicking on it, your wallet appears with all the completed lessons. The total amount you can see on the image below shows the amount you’ve earned so far.

The minimum amount for requesting the payout is 30$. The minimum amount is not mandatory. You can request a payout when you earn much more, too.

Justlearn.com takes a 15% fee of all lessons.

After reaching the minimum amount for payout, you have to send the support team the request for payout and the amount, too. 

PayPal, Transfer Wise, and local bank account is accepted.

On your request, the support team can send you an invoice to your account and that way you can use the invoice to report your earnings in your country.

For more information on how to receive earnings, please visit our Help Center, tutors’ section.

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