As a tutor, it is your decision which rate you are going to set. However, in the following lines, you can find some tips on how to set hourly rates at the beginning of your tutor’s carrier. Our tip for tutors how just started teaching is to set a lower rate for lessons so they can build up their reputation.

For more information on a trial and a set of lessons, please visit our Help Center.

An hourly rate for a set of lessons

There are set of four, eight and sixteen lessons. The more lessons student books, the better the rate for him/her should be. 

We suggest setting a lower rate a set of 16 lessons than for a set of 8 lessons, as well as for 4 lessons. This way you can attract more students to book a set for more lessons and you can get more lessons and more students, too. 

For more information on how to set up, edit or change your profile and therefore your hourly rate, please visit our Help Center.

After some time, when you build your reputation as a true professional, you can always increase your rates, of course.

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