To have lessons with a tutor, it is necessary to use the Zoom platform for video and audio calls and conferences. You can use the platform for free, it is just necessary to sign up and follow instructions.

More details and information about the Zoom the platform you may find among other articles in our Help Center.

The advantage of learning a language online is that lessons with a tutor can be recorded, as in our case as well.

The Zoom platform has the option of recording lessons, that is, according to their terms “the meeting”.

There are many options for recording your lesson, but the basic thing is to log in to the Zoom web portal and choose how would you want to record your lesson.

Among many options, you may choose On-demand Recording or Local Recording.

On the following link you may find useful articles and detailed intstructions on how to record a lesson via Zoom:

On the Zoom platform, you may find every detail and step-by-step explanation on how and which way you should record your lessons. If you, however, struggling with issues recording a lesson, feel free to contact the support team.

This way the previously recorded lessons can be very helpful when repeating the lesson or listening/ watching how many times you want.

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