Our support team has received many requests for confirmation of booked lessons and the following instructions can help you in getting confirmation.

You’ve chosen a language to learn, then a tutor on the platform. After a trial lesson, you decided to take lessons and you’ve chosen a set of lessons. After the payment process is complete, you have booked lessons and the only thing was to start learning.

For more information on how to choose a tutor or book a lesson, please visit our Help Center.

Whether for professional reasons- work, some work interview, or private ones- using for some benefits, discounts or insurance, if you need a confirmation that you booked lessons, feel free to contact our support team on support@justlearn.com

We suggest to write in the request the following information:

  • Your information- name, surname and contact e-mail,

  • The language you are learning and the name of your tutor,

  • The number of booked lessons, date and time when they are booked,

  • The reason you need confirmation for booked lessons.

If you have any additional request regarding the confirmation for booked lessons, please write them down, too.

Our support team will respond within 24 hours and send a confirmation for your booked lessons.

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