Justlearn tutoring platform offers so many languages you can only choose. This number increases daily. At the moment, on the platform, you may find tutors for 67 different languages.

It is known that when a student wants to learn a language, he usually chooses one. Whether professional or private reasons, especially when you start learning a language from the beginning, you give the effort to learn as better as possible.

There is no limit on how many languages you can learn on the platform. You can choose how many you want to. Maybe you are a once born talent for languages and words, and you can learn more than five languages at once. Who knows?

Here are some tips if you want to learn more than one language:

  • If you decide to learn, for example, three languages at once, be prepared to give your best. Try to learn almost every day, because learning three different languages ( or more) requires three times better concentration and dedication.

  • Have in mind that there will be a time when you’ll be exhausted and wondering why did you even start the journey. Don’t worry. It is just a phase, and when it passes, you will be more than willing to learn and proud of yourself, as well.

  • We suggest studying similar languages, it will be easier, especially if you start learning from the beginning. For example, it would be more smooth to learn French, Spanish, and Italian at the same time than Spanish, Russian, and Swedish. But do not feel demotivated. If you think you can do that too, then go ahead! And let us know how you are progressing.

  • Give the language his day. For example, dedicate one day to just one language. Study with a tutor, watch movies, read newspapers, do your homework…

  • Give yourself the day off. It is crucial because no matter how much will you have for learning languages, you need to rest, too. That way, you will be more concentrated on days to come and learning more languages will be easy and much more enjoyable.

In the end, in learning language, the important thing is to be concentrated, and always ask anything you don't understand, even if that means you've asked ten times already. But the most important thing is for you to be satisfied and proud of yourself and your progress.

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