One of the main priorities on the platform is tutors’ and students’ safety. 

So, how does Justlearn platform manages the safety of use?

When we talk about tutors’ side of safety, each tutor goes through verification and validation process where our support team considers every detail and information from the application. Should some of the data aren’t complete, the support team requires it from a tutor so that a verification process can be completed.

Reviews of students can be very helpful not just to other students, but to our support team. By giving positive or negative reviews, we can check and track a tutor's work, as well as a tutor uses the platform according to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

As for the students’ safety, by signing up and agreeing to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, each student is protected from any fraud.

Should any of students have some issues or disputes about lessons, payments or any other problem, feel free to contact our support team via e-mail is directly by sending a message on the platform. 

Our support team replies on every question, doubt or helps with any issue within 24 hours.

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