Not often, but there are situations when you face up with technical issues just when that equipment needs you the most, like when you are starting a lesson.

To avoid these issues, we suggest that, before starting a lesson, always check if your camera and microphone work.

If, however, a problem with your camera or microphone appears no matter if you’ve already checked them, follow these steps:

  • If a video call doesn’t exist or reports some other technical problem, try to refresh the page, or in our case, the meeting, on the Zoom platform.

  • In cases when a tutor and a student can’t hear each other, check the microphone settings on the Zoom platform. Before starting a lesson, you can always join a test meeting on the Zoom.

  • When refreshing a page can’t help, first, check your internet connection. Then sign out from the Zoom platform and then sign in again and “go to class”.

  • In cases that any of the above-mentioned options don’t work, look for help articles for Zoom issues on their site.

For information on how to solve Zoom technical problems, please visit our Help Center.

If any of these tips can’t help, contact Justlearn support team on or by sending a direct message on the platform and you will get notified as soon as possible.

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