When signing up, a tutor fills out the Application Form which is further sent to a support team. The support team, after consideration, validates your profile as a tutor, so your account is active.

After being active, a tutor can edit or change his profile and schedule.

For more information on how to sign up, apply to teach or edit your profile and schedule, please visit our Help Center.

Once you have an open account and use it to teach, you can also search for other languages and tutors.

When you click on the 'Dashboard' or simply, your Homepage of the platform, you can see other languages and tutors.

You can choose the language you want, a tutor you find interesting and follow steps for booking a lesson- a trial or set of lessons and start learning.

For more information and details on how to find and choose a tutor, please visit our Help Center, Students’ category.

After explaining in steps how a tutor can use an account as a student, a simple answer is: it is possible and quite easy to use your account as a student, too.

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