When it comes to preparing for classes, every tutor knows that interesting themes where students can participate are the key to every class.

The platform offers two options for lessons:

  • A trial lesson, where you can try out and see is the tutor you’ve chosen suits you
  • A set of lessons, where you can book a set of lessons depending on your wishes, availability, interests, etc. There is 1, 5 or a set of 10 lessons.

For more information on how trial and a set of lessons work, please visit our Help Center.

Preparing for a trial lesson

A trial lesson lasts up to 30 minutes. It is recommended to prepare a trial lesson, especially if a student is a beginner, in a way that will show him/her the beauty of the language.

For example, prepare several interesting phrases on the language you are teaching and try to teach a student, or at the beginning of the lesson introduce yourself in that language and then teach him/her to introduce him/herself. 

Preparing for a set of lessons

No matter which set of lessons we talk about, make sure that you are always well-prepared before class starts. We suggest preparing various material for teaching, for example, some interesting themes that may interest students, or some interesting facts about the language and the country you teach. 

Encourage your students to participate, to talk as more as possible, because that way they will learn the language faster.

When it comes to the grammar part, most students don’t like learning it. You have to admit that it can be boring sometimes but is necessary to learn it. Without grammar, no one can learn a language. Try to explain the grammar section in some funny way, think of some interesting sentences and examples that will not be boring. Do not teach grammar your entire class but try, for example, explaining one part, then try out practicing together with a student, or ask for his/her opinion.

For more tips and details about preparing for lessons, please visit our Help Center.

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