Justlearn tutoring platform holds high standards for tutors. The more complete and filled out Teacher’s Application Form, the better the chance of accepting as a tutor.

For applying to teach on the platform, you need to click on the 'Apply to teach' button which is placed on the top of the right corner, next to the 'Log in' button.

The other window appears, where you have to click the 'Get Started' button so that you can fill out the Application Form.

The next step is signing up. You can choose to sign up via Facebook, Google account or e-mail address.

When you sign up, the Application Form appears.

Fill out all the information required such as:

  • Your personal data- fist and last name, phone number, gender, country of residence

  • , upload your profile photo, 

  • Choose your native language- please note that you can teach only your native language so this is the reason why this filled is more than required to fill out.

  • Introduce yourself- write about your work experience and education

  • Upload video introduction- this is not required, however, we suggest, if not while applying, but later uploading your video introduction

  • Set the price for your lessons

  • Set the time and date you are available to teach

Have in mind that all of these information you can later edit and change.

For more information on how to edit a tutor’s profile, please visit our Help Center.

After filling out, click on the 'Submit application' button.

Our support team will get your application and thoroughly check all the information.

The verification and validation process for our support team to respond is approximately within 24 hours.

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