Payment method on Justlearn tutoring platform is very simple. 

After booking a trial lesson or a set of lessons, as a final step is a payment method. PayPal account or TransferWise is acceptable. Students can choose the account they have. By paying lessons, the payment is completed and the booked lessons are paid.

For more information on the payment procedure, please visit our Help Center.

Note that paying outside the platform is not allowed. Every booked lesson has to be paid on the platform.

If a tutor proposes to pay him directly to his account, please report a tutor by sending an e-mail to our support team on

Have in mind that paying outside the platform or directly to a tutor is a serious violation of the Terms and Service.

This serious violation is also insecure for students. Students can be at risk that tutors don’t deliver booked lessons and our support team can't start a refunding procedure, because lessons were not paid according to our Terms and Service.

Tutors who request, ask or propose to be paid outside the platform will be immediately removed from the platform and their profiles permanently deleted.

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