Justlearn tutoring platform gathers people all over the world, both tutors and students, so it is a common situation that your tutor lives on one side of the globe, you, however, on the other. Your timezones are hours and hours different. 

So, does the schedule on the platform has to be synchronized between a student and a tutor? 

The answer is more than simple: you don’t need to synchronize your time zone with your tutor, no matter where both live.

Why do students and tutor don’t need to synchronize their time zones?

On Justlearn platform that problem is already solved.

When booking lessons, no matter if it’s a trial lesson or a set of lessons, a tutor’s schedule of availability shows your local timezone. When choosing a tutor and click on his/ her schedule, you can see the information - All times are listed in your local timezone.

This means that the schedule automatically shows your timezone, and to tutor sees his/ her. This way the timezone problem is simplified and you, a student, while booking lessons, can book according to your timezone on a tutor’s schedule. A tutor will see a booked lesson in his/her local timezone.

All in all, don’t worry about timezones. Feel free to book lessons and start learning.

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