After you’ve booked a trial lesson with a tutor, found him/ her interesting, motivating, and a professional, you decided to take classes and took a set of lessons. Learning that beautiful language is a challenging thing, but after some time you realized you have to change a tutor. 

Reasons can be many: from the impossibility to schedule lessons with a tutor you can take at a specific time and date, to changing opinion about the tutor’s way of teaching.

No matter the reason, every student’s right is to change a tutor if he wishes.

If you’ve already paid a set of lessons but haven’t booked or used them all, you can send a request to the support team for refunding paid lessons.

For more information on how to contact our support team, request a refund or cancel a lesson, please visit our Help Center.

If you, however, already found a suitable tutor, you can also send a request to the support team with the following details:

  • Information about a set of lessons booked and used/ unused ones,

  • A brief explanation about a reason for changing a tutor and if possible transferring payments to his/ her lessons,

  • Information about the language you are learning, the name of your current tutor and name of a tutor you want to transfer to,

  • A reason for changing a tutor. This is not mandatory but may help our support team when following the work of tutors.

For every request on changing a tutor, our support team will respond as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours. The support team will also advise how to solve the issue, whether is about refunding payment or transferring it.

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