This article may help you with information on available languages on Justlearn tutoring platform.

Although the platform is mainly new, for a short time became very popular. Among many reasons, one of them is important to mention. That reason are languages that are available on the platform.

Available languages on the platform

At the moment, on the platform students and tutors as well can choose between 71 languages.

The following languages are currently available:

Afrikaans,                    English,                     Khmer,                        Russian,

Albanian,                     Filipino,                     Kikuyu,                       Serbian,

Amharic,                      Finnish,                     Korean,                       Shona,

Ancient Egypt,            French,                      Lao,                             Sinhala,

Arabic,                         Georgian,                  Lithuanian,                 Slovak,

Armenian,                   German,                    Luo,`                            Somali,

Azerbaijani,                Greek,                       Malayalam,                  Spanish,

Bosnian,                     Hebrew,                    Marathi,                        Swahili,

Bulgarian,                   Hausa,                      Marwari,                       Tachelhit,

Burmese,                    Hindi,                        Mongolian,                   Telugu,

Cebuano,                    Iban,                         Morrocan Arabic,         Thai,

Chinese,                      Igbo,                         Norwegian,                  Tswana,

Croatian,                     Indonesian,               Persian,                        Tunisian Arabic,

Danish,                        Italian,                       Polish,                           Ukrainian,

Dutch,                         Japanese,                 Portuguese,                  Urdu,

Egyptian Arabic,        Kannada,                   Punjabi,                         Vietnamese,

Zulu,                           Wolof,                         Xhosa                           Yoruba.

Adding a new language to the platform

The possibility of adding new languages is one of the main advantages of the platform. If a tutor applies for a language that isn’t on a list of available languages, it can be added after consideration and validations process from our support team.

Level of language proficiency

Every tutor teaches his/ her native language. With this simplified way, every tutor is competent to teach a language from the beginner’s to advanced level. It is important to mention that there are six levels:

  • A1, Beginner
  • A2, Elementary
  • B1, Intermediate
  • B2,Upper-intermediate
  • C1, advanced
  • C2, proficiency

If a student starts from the beginning, he/ she will learn a language from the start, including an alphabet.

If a student already speaks a language, It is highly recommended to do testing so that a tutor can see a student’s level.

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