After every finished lesson with a student, he/she can write a review. It can be qualified as positive or negative.

 It is quite understandable how one can get negative reviews, however, let’s mentions some of the reasons for negative reviews:

  • Missing a lesson or not being punctual

  • Not concentrated for the lesson and teaching

  • Not prepared for the lesson

  • Not showing interest in tutoring

  • Having disputes and issues with a student

As you surely know, the more positive reviews, the better ranking you will have as a tutor.

In the following lines you can find some tips on how to get positive reviews from students:

  • Be pleasant and friendly with students

  • Do not miss a class and be punctual

  • Motivate your students to try harder and give the best effort

  • Always be prepared for the lesson, prepare learning material and themes

  • Courage students to ask questions

  • Motivate students to talk as more as they can- this way they are practicing vocabulary, as well as grammar

Writing a review helps the tutor, as well as other students, to see your improvement in learning a language, and also a teacher’s method and style.

It is not mandatory to write reviews, but it helps tutor to have better rankings and, therefore, more positive feedbacks and students. This way any other student can see the review, which can be quite helpful in the decision for a suitable tutor.

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