There are several basic tips on how to get new students we are all aware of, but sometimes we forget to apply. Here are some of them:

  • More important is to retain the existing students which means do not miss classes, be prepared for every lesson, make your lessons are interesting, give your best to pass the knowledge to a student and make your classes pleasant,

  • Make your profile and introduction interesting and if needed update it from time to time by adding some interesting facts about your teaching,

  • When a new student books a lesson, create a learning plan for each lesson. This way you can show students the magnificence of the language you teach,

  • Always stay updated to new teaching methods and tools so that every class is interesting to a student

  • Motivate your students to search for various types of themes by themselves in the language they are learning.

After every finished lesson with a student, he/she can add a review. The more positive reviews, the more popular you will as a tutor.

The last, but not less important tip: enjoy teaching and passing the knowledge and beauty of the language.

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