To work as a tutor on Justlearn platform, it is necessary to sign up and fill out the Teacher’s Application form. The more details an applicant fills out, the better the option to get an approval for teaching from a support team.

For more details on how to sign up, fill out an application form and start teaching, please visit our Help Center.

After filling out Teacher’s Application form, our support team considers, checking all the details from the application, to make sure it’s valid and all data are true.

It is important to mention that a tutor can teach only one language, his/ her native language. Please have in mind when applying.

If a tutor’s application is completed with all the necessary information, the support team will not reject it. 

However, there are several reasons for rejecting a profile:

  • if information are false or invalid,

  • if the support team concludes that an applicant’s language he wants to teach is not his native language, 

  • if and all the personal data after additional check doesn’t match,

  • if the support team suspect of other information validation,

  • if an applicant doesn’t send the requested proof in case of suspicious information.

  • if an applicant doesn't have experience in teaching

  • an applicant doesn't have at least a bachelor's degree

Should support team considers some of the information suspicious, they can request additional information or proof that information is true and valid.

Support team typically replies within 24 hours, after which a tutor is free to complete his/ her profile.

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