When a tutor applies to teach, the first step is to sign up by choosing one option. Every next time when logs in, uses the signed up option- via Facebook, Google account or e-mail address.

For more information on how to apply to teach, sign up and build a tutor’s profile, please visit our Help Center.

When filing out Teacher’s Application form, it is automatically sent to Justlearn support team. 

Our support team considers a tutor’s data, personal information, the language he/she applied to teach and other important details, so as to make sure a person who filled out the Application form meets all the requirements to teach.

Please note that a tutor can apply to teach only his/her native language, and can teach only one language. After the approval of a profile, while filling it out, can add other languages, as many as he/she knows.

If there is additional information that needs to be sent to complete an application,the support team will request.

After considering and checking an application, the support team sends a notification if a tutor’s profile is approved. 

Justlearn support team typically replies in 24 hours. 

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