Justlearn.com tutoring platform’s idea is quite simple: to make as easy as possible learning languages through this platform, online and live. To do it, Justlearn uses Zoom platform for online and live classes between students and tutors.

Students. as well as tutors, have to sign up to Zoom platform. This platform is used all around the globe simply because it consists only of signing up to the platform and starting a conference, meeting, class, etc. A student or a tutor can use an app which, at the moment, find necessary- they can use a desktop app, a mobile app or an online version.

Justlearn platform is also created to make signing up easy and simple, just like Zoom. By signing up and filling out your profile, as a tutor or a student, more than half work is done. Then the most interesting part comes: for students to choose a tutor, book a lesson- trial or a set of lessons and start learning, and for tutors to organize their schedule and start teaching.

No matter how perfect the Justlearn support team is trying to make this platform, there are cases when some technical bug appears.

For a technical bug on the platform, a student or a tutor can contact Justlearn.com support team at any time by sending an e-mail to support@justlearn.com or can use live chat to send a message to a support team via Justlearn.com platform, which is placed at the bottom of the right corner.

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