Online teaching is very popular today and allows a lot of people to teach, even those who aren’t good at it. Because of that, it is not a strange thing students are sometimes suspicious when choosing a tutor, especially language tutors.

In order to offer students something secure and trustworthy, tutoring platform tutors go through validation and verification procedure before allowing to teach by our support team, every single one of them. When you see a person as a tutor, that means that he/ she went through the verification process, and is a true professional.

Before starting lessons, students can evaluate tutor based on the next criteria:

  • Their profile where students see their introduction, read about themselves and get to know them a little.

  • Their reviews. Only students who had lessons with tutors can write a review after every finished lessons. Note that a tutor can’t delete reviews.

  • Trial lessons. Students can book a trial lesson that lasts for 30 minutes, and see if a tutor meets their requirements.

If a student has any doubt about a tutor, he/she can contact our support team.

For more information on how to contact support team, please visit our Help Center.

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