When you’re first signed up with an account you’ve chosen, every time you log in, you do that with the account you’ve signed up first- Facebook, Google account, or e-mail address.

For more information on how to sign up to the Justlearn.com tutoring platform as a student, please visit our Help Center.

After you’ve logged in, on the top of the right corner is placed your profile photo. When you click on it, the drop-down menu shows up with the 'settings' option and the ' log out' option. Choose the 'settings' option.

By choosing this option, you are now in your profile settings.

The following data and information you can edit/ change:

  • Your profile image- make sure your profile photo is pleasant, that you smile a bit, and look natural.

  • First and last name- note that your first name is necessary to write down.

  • Your e-mail address- this is also necessary information

  • Time zone- you can choose your time zone, but a platform automatically shows your time zone.

By clicking the 'Save' button, you’ve saved all the changes you’ve made.

You can edit profile as many times as you want.

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