After completing your profile as a tutor, you are just halfway to succeed. Very important thing is to be prepared for the first lesson with your student.

Here are some tips you can find useful while preparing for the first lesson:

  • First of all, make sure you’ve set all the necessary equipment for the first lesson- signed up/ logged in to the Zoom software for online lessons, microphone and camera all set up, books, pictures and other learning material all prepared.

  • Important thing on the first class with a student is to talk and agree about basics- learning goals and expectations. Explain your idea and plan about learning a language.

  • Prepare some basics for learning a new language, especially when a student learns from the beginning. For example, at the beginning of the lesson, introduce yourself on the language you teach, prepare basic phrases for greeting people saying “thank you, good morning” etc. Exercise together by saying those phrases. That will intrigue him/her to learn further.

  • Make sure your first lesson is pleasant. Your student should feel comfortable while learning, your positive attitude can surely help him/her.

  • Ask if he/she has any question or doubt, answer to it, no matter how silly it may seem. team wishes you all the luck in tutoring.

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