Justlearn.com tutoring platform’s main goal is to help tutors, as well as students, to do what they like- teach their language and show others the beauty of it. From the comfort of their home, many people can earn, thanks to this tutoring platform.

As a tutor, you don’t need to update your payment account on your profile. As for the payment, after earning at least 30$, you can request a payment directly from a support team.

For more details on how to receive earnings, please visit our Help Center.

The procedure is quite simple. A tutor has to send a request to a support team for payout with all the details about his/her account. After your first payout, your support team saves your account details in their system.

However, if you want to change your payment account, that procedure is also very simple. When sending a request to a support team for a payout, write down and highlight about changing your payment account. Our support team will send you earnings on your requested account.

Note that PayPal, TransferWise, and local bank accounts are only accepted.

In case of any additional question or doubt, feel free to contact our support team on support@justlearn.com 

For more information on receiving earnings, please visit our Help Center.

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