If you want to edit your profile, or maybe update some information, change your introduction, there is an option to edit/ change it how many times you want.

When you log in with your Facebook, Google account or your e-mail address, the way you always log in, you can see on the top of the right corner your profile photo. Click on it. The drop-down menu appears with the “ settings” and the “log out” options. Click on the “settings”. 

Your entire profile appears. On the left side of your profile you may see the following options:

General- after clicking the “settings” options, you are automatically here. Here you can change your profile photo, your data as your e-mail address, your phone number, address and city, time zone and teaching status.

Schedule- here you can edit and change your availability status. You can add available time and date for lessons, or delete the available ones.
By clicking on a specific date, you can change your availability for that specific time and date.

Payout- here you can see your total amount earned.

Rates- by clicking here, you can change your rates for trial lessons or the set of lessons. When you click on the “Save” button, your change is updated immediately.

Introduction- in this part of your profile you can change your introduction- add something interesting and inspiring for students, change some words with more inspiring synonymous, etc. Don’t forget to click on the “Save” button if you want your changes to be saved.

Video- here you can upload your video introduction if you already haven’t done yet. You can also change your video introduction if you’ve made a more interesting one. Just copy the URL link, click on the “save” button and your changes are updated.

Languages- this part is interesting because besides your native language  you can also add knowledge of other languages and level of language proficiency. You can add/ change as many as you want by clicking on the “add more languages”.

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