Making a tutor’s profile on tutoring platform is very easy. There are several steps you, as a tutor, have to fulfill, and among them is your profile photo.

Why is profile photo so important?

Your profile photo gives students first impression. It is a part of your profile, and also along with your introduction, attract students.

Here you may find some useful tips on how to make and choose good and professional photo:

  • Profile photo pose- Look straight to the camera. Don’t use poses that make you uncomfortable.

  • Smile- don’t forget to smile a bit. Your smile will show that you are a natural and pleasant person.

  • Dress professionally, but don’t exaggerate- if you want to seem like a true professional, we advise you to dress the way you make a good impression. It doesn’t mean that you have to dress in a suit, but pick some neutral colors, and don’t dress like you are going to a party.

  • The background should be neutral- background is a base, so try to choose a background that provides light to your face and clearness.  

  • Camera- it is essential to use a good camera. It can help you to avoid blurriness, as well as a big advantage in case you need to edit it later.

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