As you already know, a complete tutor’s profile is necessary if you want to teach and attract students.

Here are things you have to take in your profile:

  • Upload your profile photo

  • Write about yourself- introduce yourself, use simple and clear sentences and explain why are you the perfect tutor. 

  • Organize your schedule- add available hours so that students know when you are available and ready to teach

One thing on your profile is gives students everything they need in a coupe of minutes: a video introduction.

When they see for something options, many people simply skip this part. If it isn’t mandatory, why should I try and lose my time on video introduction?

That is a big mistake.

First of all, a  video introduction on your profile as a tutor is a big advantage. Some of you would ask: why?

By making a video introduction, you give students an opportunity to see you, hear your voice and have a feeling like they’ve met you in person. They can feel if communication between you two can be successful, too.

After viewing lots of video instructions, here are some of the tips our support team considers important:

  • Duration- your video introduction should be between 1 and max.4 minutes, not longer.

  • Be in a video- this is the main thing about video introduction. Appear in a video, don’t hide behind the camera.

  • Tell something on the language you teach- this little thing can give your students to hear the language you are teaching

  • Be natural- be yourself, there is no need to behave like someone else. Smile and be honest when introducing.

  • Make sure lighting and sound is good

  • Background- make sure the background is clear. Do not move while making a video.

We suggest making a script before you start making a video introduction and practice a couple of times.

After making and uploading a video introduction, you will see the advantage it gives you.

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