Justlearn.com tutoring platform gives an opportunity to everyone to teach his/her native language to students who wish to learn. Though our support team thoroughly goes through the validation and verification process, it is quite simple.

For more information on how to join justlearn.com tutoring platform as a tutor, you can find in our Help Center.

When a tutor, after some time, can’t teach anymore and is not interested in temporarily deactivating his profile, it can be permanently deleted.

For more information on how to temporarily deactivate your tutor’s profile, see an article in our Help Center.

To permanently delete his/her profile, a tutor needs to send an e-mail to our support team on support@justlearn.com.

It is highly recommended to write the details such as:

  • Profile data- name, surname, country

  • The language he/she teaches

  • How long he/she teaches on justlearn.com tutoring platform

  • The reason for permanent deactivation- this is not mandatory, if a tutor wishes to write down, it can be helpful to our support team.

After receiving your request, our support team will permanently deactivate your tutor’s profile and notice you in a timely manner.

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