Whether the reason for changing your availability to teach are more or fewer classes, maybe a different period of the day, or some other reason, there is a possibility to edit your schedule on your profile.

When you log in, using Facebook, Google account or your e-mail address, depend on how you’ve first signed up, you continue to log in that way.

On top of the right corner, where you can see your profile photo, click on the picture. The drop-down menu will show up with the 'Settings' and 'Log out' options. Click on the 'Settings' option.

When you click on it, your profile will show up. On the left side of your profile settings, you can find 'Schedule.' Click on it.

After Schedule appears, you can change and edit time and date the way you want. Click on a date, or a day in a week, add an availability or delete it.

You can edit your schedule for one month, as well as to apply it for other future months, or you can edit on those days when you need it.

You can also edit and change it how many times you want, there is no limit.

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