Before explaining what the refund policy is and how is possible, let’s take a quick look at a set of lessons.

For more details and information about trial and set lessons, you may find an article in the Help Centre.

When starting to learn a language and choosing a tutor, first you have the option to book a trial lesson that lasts 30 minutes.

Beside trial, there is a set of lessons, or booking and paying for 1, 5 or 10 lessons. The choice is yours. By clicking on the set you find most appropriate for you, go through the payment procedure, complete it and can book for the 1, 5 or 10 lessons.

However,  f you’ve, for example, paid a set of 10 lessons, but for some reason, you can’t have 10 of them, what will happen with the remaining, possible canceled lessons, and the money you’ve paid for?

In these cases, though are extremely rare, there is a possibility to contact our support team by sending them an e-mail to It is recommended to explain how many lessons you’ve paid, that is, which set of lessons, when the payment was, who is your tutor and which language you study, as well as how many lessons remained and the reason for your request to refund.

Our support team will check, and notify in a timely manner.

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