If you, for some reason, can’t be in class in a booked time and date, there is a possibility to reschedule a lesson with your tutor for some other available date and time. No matter the chance, we advise not to reschedule your lessons too often.

It is essential to mention that there is no difference between rescheduling a lesson using the Justlearn.com website or using a mobile app.

As always, the first step is to log in with your Facebook account, Google account, or e-mail address, the option you’ve chosen, when first signed up.

Then you need to find a lesson you want to reschedule on your dashboard, among the upcoming lessons. Click on the three dots., which are placed next to the “view” button.  By clicking on thr, a little drop-down menu will appear, with 'Edit time' and 'Cancel' options. Click on the 'edit time' option. This way you are rescheduling your booked, upcoming lesson, and immediately can choose other available date and time, according to your tutor’s schedule, of course.

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