When you know that you can’t 'go to class' we highly recommend that you cancel or reschedule a booked lesson. If you need help with how to cancel a booked lesson, or how to reschedule it, you may find information in our Help Center.

However, it also may happen, no matter the reason that you’ve missed the lesson.

What can be done? Do not panic, because that surely won’t help you. We have a solution for this issue, too.

If you, as a tutor, missed the lesson with your student, that lesson will be marked as incomplete. That means that you have to report to a support team that you’ve missed it. After that, you can mark it as a completed lesson.

Please, have in mind that you won’t be paid for the missed lesson if you have missed it.

In case a student misses the lesson, the procedure is the same as when a tutor misses it. In this case, you will be paid for this lesson, since you haven’t missed it, you were ready for class.

Once again, no matter who missed the lesson, if there is any chance not to miss it, don’t. Rather cancel it, or reschedule the lesson.

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