The important things when teaching a language is, first of all, knowledge and willingness to teach. Just like we all are not the same, also we call can’t teach the same way.

Note that on website tutors can teach only his/ her native language. Also, tutors can teach one language, not more. 

To teach your native language on, first, you have to fill the Application form.  After filling it out, our support team will check it and validate your tutor’s profile.

In the next few lines, we can give some advice and suggestions on how to plan your lessons and also how to teach students.

Teaching and preparing lessons

The first thing you need to do is to plan your lessons according to a level of knowledge. Our advice is to plan lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level of learning. It means that you need to plan a teaching part like grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc. Then you have to plan exercises, and at the same time, to think of the fact that it is desirable that your classes, that is, lessons are interesting.

If your classes are teaching, like just reading and explaining new words or phrases, or just exercising, after some time, it can be pretty dull, and student can lose the will to learn.

Include some exciting facts e.g., from everyday life, habits in your country, or some interesting historical or cultural legends. You may also use some parts from popular movies on your native language, magazines, or any other field your student finds it attractive.

Find out student’s style of learning

As already mentioned, everyone is different, and, naturally, learning a language for every one of us can be different. Some of us are very good at vocabulary; others prefer grammar, etc. Some students can easily understand learning a language thanks to the pictures, others, however, by talking to them, using and repeating words they’ve already learned. 

The point is that a tutor, after a couple of classes, and after meeting a student, knows the approach and which way the student will learn the best. So, our advice is to listen to your students, look for what can help them in learning a language. This way, you will be more satisfied as a teacher knowing that thanks to you they succeeded, but also a student will surely be pleased and proud of him/herself.

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