If you think you have the qualification to teach a language, you can apply. It is quite simple, only have to click the 'Apply to Teach' button, placed on the top of the right corner.

By clicking, a new window appears, and click the 'Get Started' button and then need to sign up. You may choose to sign up with a Facebook account, Google account, or sign up with your email.

After you’ve signed up, you are welcome to login with the account you’ve chosen- Facebook, Google, or email.

The next step is to fill out the Application form. Note that all fields are required, as well as uploading your photo. A video introduction is optional, but it can be an advantage if you upload it. By clicking the 'Submit application' button, our team will receive and thoroughly check the application, and if finds it qualified, validate every tutor application.

The significant thing is that a tutor can teach only one language, and can only be his/ her native language. 

After validating your profile as a teacher, you are welcome to teach. Students pay the price you’ve already written on your application form for set fo four, eight of 16 lessons. 

When you earn at least 30$, you can request for a payout. Justlearn.com takes a 15% fee of all lessons. Send the support team the request with all the details about your account. Payout is possible on PayPal, TransferWise account, and your local bank account.

We also send you an invoice to your account, and that way, you can use the invoice to report your earnings in your country.

In case of any additional questions or doubts, feel free to contact our team.

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