Justlearn.com website gives a chance every person to apply if he/she wishes to teach. The first step is to sign up and apply to teach.

The “Apply to Teach” button is placed on the right top of the corner.

By clicking, you have to sign up. You can use your Facebook account, Google account or sign up via e-mail address.

After this step, you log in and fill out the Application form.

Please note that all the fields are required, except video introduction, which is optional, but we recommend to upload your video introduction. When you submit your application, our team will look for your profile, introductions and validate your profile as a tutor.

When your profile is all set up and approved, you can start teaching.

Note that you can teach only 1 one language, your native language. 

We highly recommend that you already have planned your lessons from beginner to advanced level. Make sure that you’ve covered all the fields of learning a language, such as a vocabulary, writing, reading, grammar, etc. Give your best that your classes are interesting and inspiring to a student so that he/she has the will to learn still.

On the other hand, we also recommend that tutors also give their best to learn and every day find out something new that can help them be better in teaching, whether is that some interesting fact or maybe a learning style or tip. That way their reputation as a tutor will just grow.

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