As already familiar, the is an online tutoring company, where you can find teachers for 95 languages to learn. All of our teachers are professionals, with an outstanding experience, ready to teach you and help you with learning a language you’ve chosen.

By choosing a tutor that suits you the most- according to price, availability, introduction, or any other information you find interesting or relevant, you have an option, after every completed lesson, to write a review.

Writing a review helps the tutor, as well as a support team, but also other students to see your improvement in learning a language, and even a teacher’s method and teaching style.

Writing a review is not necessary, but preferably desirable. This way, any other potential or future students can see the review, which can be quite helpful when deciding whether he/she wants to choose that specific tutor.

By writing a oositive review, you can also give a tutor some a compliment, and that way, he/she will surely have more students to teach.

After the lesson is finished, you have an option to write a review.

When writing a review, we recommend to be specific, using understandable and straightforward words, and what is more important, feel free, to be honest.

One  more thing in this postmodern age is social networks. You can also write, like, share, or comment on our Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. It can not be called a real review but surely can be helpful for students, as well as for teachers.

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