There are several ways to contact the Justlearn team.

The first one would be to contact them by sending an e-mail to

The second one would be through the contact form. Whether you are signed up/ logged in or not, on the bottom of the corner, you can find the 'Contact' button.

By clicking the contact button, at first, you can see contact information, like the name of the company, address, country, and e-mail address.

Below, you can find a place to write your e-mail address and message you want to send to the support team. We recommend sending the message this way.
After you’ve written the message, you have to prove that you are a human by clicking to the square next to 'I’m not a robot.' By clicking the “Send” button, you’ve sent the message to the support.

The third way to contact the Justlearn support is via live chat. If you haven’t noticed, on the right bottom of the corner, no matter where you are at the moment- dashboard, contact or blog part, you may find a little 'Message' picture for a live chat.

By clicking on it, a little message board- live chat automatically shows. There you can write your message or share your feedback with the support staff.

You can also see when will the support team approximately answer your message. The team typically replies within five minutes.

If you, however, have a question or a doubt, we highly recommend searching for the matter in the Help Center. If you can’t find the answer to your question, the support will be there for you at any time.

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