No matter what the reason is, if you need to cancel an already booked lesson, there is an option for that. 

Before explaining how to cancel a lesson, we advise not to cancel lessons often, only if you, for some reason, can’t participate. Please have in mind that other side, that is, a tutor, also has his/her schedule.

In order to do so, you need to log in to the website, as you usually do- via Facebook account, Google account or e-mail, the way you usually log in.

After logging in, you have to find a booked lesson with your tutor in your schedule, which you can find on your dashboard, after you've entered to your booked lesson.

Right before booking the lesson, you’ve surely passed through payment method and procedure.

You’ve completed the order, that is, the lesson, booked it according to tutor’s free schedule and your availability.

The lesson you’ve paid for, but you want to cancel, will be charged for the next one you choose and book with a tutor, or you’ve already booked.

In order to cancel the lesson, you can cancel it up to 12 hours of the booked time. If you want to cancel the lesson, e.g. one hour before the booked time, it wouldn’t be possible, so make sure that you cancel the lesson according to the above mentioned rules.

Double-check to make sure that you are canceling the right one in case you have several lessons already booked.

When you cancel it, the tutor will utomatically receive an update in his/her schedule about a canceled lesson.

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